Tribal Knowledge in Agile Teams - The Path to Agility 2022


This presentation covers know-how that seldom gets written down, but is vital to our everyday work. It was presented in August 2022 at The Path to Agility 2022.

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Let’s face it. We don’t communicate well, and we document even less.

Is it possible to wield information well in an Agile software team?

Yes, it is!

With consideration, change, and commitment to doing your work differently, it is possible to have relevant and vibrant knowledge resources in an Agile environment.

Instead of being told, “You’re doing it wrong,” teams can move to a new model that builds on empathy and excellence.

Better on-boarding means more confident teammates, a more inclusive workflow, and a focus on continuous improvement.

No matter what methodology you use, you’ll gain practical techniques to improve your team’s handling of know-how and achieve better collaboration.


Slides are available as a PDF here.

About the Author

Jeffrey A. Miller is a Senior Consultant and Trainer with Manifest Solutions in Columbus, Ohio. Jeffrey has over 25 years of experience helping organizations bring value to their mission through software. He has presented a variety of programming, data, and team topics at local user groups, regional tech conferences, and a national healthcare conference.

Jeffrey and his wife, Brandy, are adoptive parents and have written a fun children’s book called “Skeeters” with proceeds supporting adoption.